photo of scaredycat workshop attendeesBeating up your fears with a Scaredycat Workshop

Scaredycat communications workshops are fun interactive workshops that help to build confidence in all things communication:

  • Presentation skills including voice coaching and body language
  • Business communication skills (including telephone and active listening skills)
  • Interview communication skills
  • Confidence building for leading meetings and project teams.

So many of us need help with our communication skills but even reaching out for advice can be scary! That’s where these workshops come in. Scaredycat workshops are suitable for team-building days, leadership and management programmes and groups.


The big why for me?

I focus on helping women in business develop confidence so they can say yes to public speaking opportunities, leading meetings or project teams and being heard and understood in what is still a very male-dominated world. As women, we need to all work together to encourage, support and enable each other to feel confident and passionate about what we do and who we are. My aim for Scaredycat workshops is to help that happen.

I facilitate 2 hr, half day and whole day workshops.


“Two hours focusing on two things was perfect – you didn’t try to change the world, just gave two keys skills and practice that moved me forward. Love your sense of humour too!!”

“I did a talk to 80 guests at a charity ball last week and did it without notes, just a couple of words on cards. People laughed in the right places, clapped at the end and said I was a ‘great and engaging speaker’. Hooray!! I couldn’t have done that three weeks ago so thank you again.”

“It was great to take a step back and think about how I use my voice and how I can improve. The part on breathing was great as was the introduction of face massage.”

Want to focus on confidence for you or your team?