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The first time I had a life coaching conversation with a coach, I was instantly hooked. The coaching process can be life-changing, it was for me. Allowing myself the time to sit and really think about what I’ve got going on in my life and what I want my future to look like, and how to get there, was an amount of self-care that, as a mid-life woman, I hadn’t really given myself permission to have before.

Coaching can be transformative but you have to be motivated to want to see and enable change in your future. That was me a few years ago when I started on my own coaching journey and now I’d like to chat with you if you recognise yourself here:

Life is short, how can you live it to the best of your abilities and your self?

Coaching isn’t for everyone

How do I coach?

My own coaching philosophy is simple, I wait at the bus stop with you and help you figure out how to get on the right bus and where the bus is going – it’s your journey to take.

So, if you’re ready to make some changes in your life but you just don’t know where to start, contact me and we can start that coaching conversation.

Here’s what a previous coachee said about their coaching experience with me:

“I feel so positive about the changes I have made and can continue to make and really have to thank Susan for helping me to get to this point. She comes across as a very natural coach who is really able to pinpoint what someone might be struggling with and can also offer some very insightful comments about whatever that might be while guiding you to work out how you might deal with it. She is supportive, non-judgemental and very easy to talk to.”

I offer a variety of coaching packages

My 3 month package consists of fortnightly 1hr focused coaching sessions (either in person or by Skype) as well as monthly 30mins catch-up phone calls. Investing in yourself for 3 months is £850.

My 6 month package is fortnightly 1hr coaching sessions (either in person or by Skype), monthly catch-up phone calls as well as email support. Investment in yourself for 6 months coaching is £1800.

I’ll also be offering a Business Mastermind session soon.

Want to talk more?

Contact me to arrange a free coaching chat – this will help you decide if I’m the right coach for you.