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Another email? Really?!

Join the Scaredycat Crew and I promise I won’t:

  • overload you with emails every day
  • send you completely irrelevant crap
  • bore you (hopefully not!)

Instead, I will

  • send you the link to my Boundaries Worksheet so you can know when to say No and when to say Yes; look after your own energy and recognise what are energy suckers and energy givers for you personally.
  • send you my irregular Scaredycat news by email, sometimes filled with Buffy and Supernatural gifs, sometimes just one fabulous piece of news or a resource that I think will help you
  • make sure you’re the FIRST to hear about my discounted launch services, #IamRemarkable free workshops and webinars
  • always be open, honest and very ME in my Scaredycat news emails to you.

Just your name and email and you’re all signed up!


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