Finding your Spark again

 This 3 month, fortnightly programme has been specifically created for Gen X women (women born between 1965-1980) .

Desperately Seeking Change?

  • Are you a Gen X woman feeling stuck?
  • Not where you thought you’d be at this point in your life?
  • Missing music, joy, laughter in your life?
  • Overwhelmed with being sandwiched between kids and ageing parents?
  • Feeling forgotten about in all the Ok Boomer/Millenial talk?

The Riot Grrrl Spark Programme aims to help Gen X women find their inner Riot Grrrl again and bring joy and punk back into their lives. This 3-month programme will give you time and breathing space, with fortnightly coaching sessions, fun activities and positive movement that you can continue after the programme.

To take the guesswork out of coaching, below are some details on each session’s focus as the programme takes you step by step through creating sustainable change in your life.

If you’re interested in creating change in your life and bringing back your Riot Grrrl spark, pick a date and time from my calendar here for your free, no-obligation, 30 minute discovery call.


The Riot Grrrl Find Your Spark Coaching Programme

Session One – This is Me

We’ll look at what’s brought you to this point in your life or career, taking stock of what’s worked for you so far and what might be holding you back.

Session Two – Sound and Vision

Creating your future with music, play and vision boards. Thinking about what can bring you joy in your life.

Session Three – Xena Time

Looking at your role models and what qualities they have that you admire or trust. Building your confidence by using the Power of No.

Session Four – Find your Gang

Who is in your life that can support you? What qualities are you looking for in friends and family? What’s not serving you in your friendships and who can cheer-lead you on?

Session Five – Habits for Good and Bad

It takes 49 days to create a habit – how can you move closer to your vision with daily, weekly, monthly, annual habits?

Session Six – This Must Be The Place

Reviewing the past three months and how you can keep embracing joy and your Riot Grrrl spark moving forward.