Coaching Case Studies

Situation before coaching

As a copywriter, Sarah C felt unable to say no to unplanned work from long-term clients, leaving her at the whims of clients and with no time to develop her business to reflect her own professional identity. She didn’t have the freedom and confidence to look at prospective clients that match her business values more so that she could make the most out of her own business and gain back time for herself.


Through fortnightly coaching sessions over 3 months, Sarah focused on her time management style and what was stopping her from ‘owning’ her business: from clarity of who she wanted to work with to establishing a business day routine that suited her personality and values as well as gaining time for developing her business each week.

Personal transformation:

Being freed from ‘to do’ lists and managing her time to suit her personality has been transformational for Sarah C. Creating a process for copywriting projects that builds on how she wants to manage her time has freed her from some time-sucking projects and has allowed her to be much more professional and assertive in her approach when booking clients. 


Feeling full ownership of her own business, Sarah now understands the nature of running a freelance business that brings her joy rather than being pulled in many different directions by clients. Knowing the value of her work, she’s now confident with self-promotion and blocking out the time for business development.

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