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On this page, you’ll find my growing library of resources, both from me and others.

Whenever I read or find something useful for my clients, I’m on it like a magpie! These resources are added to as I find my treasures!

The book links are affiliate links to my list on, a fantastic platform that supports local bookshops (such a great alternative to amazon!). I earn 10% commission when you link from my list link here or any of the book links below. Indie bookshops get a matching 10% too, win-win!

I’ve avoided affiliates on my site previously as any companies or organisations I recommend, I want them to resonate with me, my values and therefore you too. I’m happy I’m now affiliated to such a great company. And yes, I’m a customer of theirs as well – great service!

Business and Team Resources

Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas to help you plan your business

Get your team united behind the same purpose, introduce new team members or help with team strategies with this Team Canvas

Happy Start-up Canvas includes vision, values and story

Great podcasts to listen to

Whin Big – a UK Marketing podcast

and I’m in Episode 77!

Image and link to the Whin Big podcast

Switch4Change podcast

And I’m in Episode 11!

Image and link to Switch4Change podcast

Freelance Feels

Link to Freelance Feels podcast

Freelance Heroes

Link to Freelance Heroes podcast

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