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Owning your own Power with Star Monroe

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I chat with Star Monroe, the midlife revolution coach and psychotherapist.

Star talks openly with me about being through hell and back in her life with eating disorders, cocaine addiction, alcoholism and codependency. She’s also spent 30+years teaching in the health and wellness arena including being a yoga teacher, pilates instructor and pole dancing trainer.

In this episode, we went deep into Star’s journey and how everything she’s been through now makes her a fantastic advocate for other midlife women reclaiming their power and getting out of their own way.

You can find out more about Star on her Instagram at msstarmonroe where you should definitely follow her – her Instagram Lives and Stories are sensational!

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Content warning: swearing, discussions of addictions, eating disorders and codependent relationships.

Season 1, Episode 6   |    39mins

Photo of Dr Clare Forder

Episode 1

What’s Gen X Voices all about?

We start off this series with Dr Clare Forder, chatting with her about Gen X being the transitional generation of tech and social media. In this 30 minute chat, we cover who we are as Gen X women, how this series can develop, social media and cyberbullying for our kids (not mine, just the entire generation’s!), marches, politics, gender equality, community.  Likes and positive comments/shares welcome. 

Some swearing throughout. Full copyright belongs to Susan B. Bentley 2020. Original music copyrighted.

Photo of Suzi Warren

Episode 2

Embracing inconvenience and the art of polite protest with Suzi Warren

Suzi is a London based artist who worked in advertising for 20 yrs before starting her own business, Twisted Twee in 2003, making items of practical lunacy. Suzi is the creator of polite protests, becoming a human billboard to express her reaction to political and social events. She’s currently selling her masks online at as well as the fantastic hag range, reclaiming words used to describe older women. You can find Suzi on Instagram and Twitter. Likes and positive comments/shares welcome.

Episode 3

Being a nomadic educator

In episode 3 of Gen X Voices, I chat with Lou Mycroft. Lou is a nomadic educator and a true Generation X outsider. Adopted into a loving family in the Yorkshire coalfield, Lou grew up during the Thatcher years and raised for a life that wasn’t there anymore. Although she struck a few poses it wasn’t until she was an independent parent in her 30s that she found her identity as a thinker. These days, Lou works on a range of projects, each of which practice affirmative ethics of joy. She is one of further education’s #DancingPrincesses💃 a Thinking Environment specialist and has just submitted her PhD. She still dances like no-one is watching, even if they are, and she totally believes that her son’s generation will save the earth for humanity.

Episode 4

Fangirl flailing and revisioning male stereotypes with Sara Dobie Bauer

Sara is a bestselling romance author and mental health / LGBTQ advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. You can find out more about Sara at her author website: and Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram as saradobiebauer.

Sara’s latest book, Abstract Love, is available from Amazon.

It was fab chatting with Sara and we talked about the vulnerability of men in fiction and a new generation of men breaking stereotypes and opening up about their emotions and mental health. We squeed over Timothée Chalamet and discussed feeling connected and empowered with other writers and fangirls through writing fanfiction.

Content warning for mental health and suicide discussion.

Photo of Jo Moseley

Episode 5

The ‘Andness’ of life and saving the planet one piece of litter at a time with Jo Moseley

Jo is a mum of two sons and lives by the Yorkshire Dales in the UK. She’s a beach cleaner, joy encourager and midlife adventurer.

In August 2019, Jo became the first woman to SUP (stand up paddleboard) coast to coast 162 miles along the Leeds Liverpool Canal, picking up litter, fundraising and raising awareness of the problems of single use plastic.

We chatted about incorporating Ands into your life rather than ors as well as putting yourself on the priority list, intergenerational friendships and remembering that it’s not bragging when it’s based on facts!

You can find out more at or follow her on Twitter @Healthyhappy50 and Instagram @healthyhappy50.

New episodes coming soon!

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