Recently, I’ve been redefining my coaching business – who I work with, what I can help with.

As part of this month-long exercise (thank you Amy Caiger, you superstar! for your ‘totally spoke to me’ playbook for help with this!), My Story has emerged and I bet some of you in my network will relate to it :):

My story
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (*Essex)…
I put aside my dreams of being an incredible female film director in the UK because I was appalled at the amount of sexism and classism (and antisemitism) I experienced or witnessed in the film and TV industry at that time (as well as racism and homophobia for others).
After I said goodbye to those Oscar dreams, I looked for guidance and role models in the different sectors I worked in.

I worked for women leaders that made me cry and women leaders that made me soar!

I’ve been micromanaged, talked over, ignored and felt stuck at many points in my career journey.

I’ve felt that I’ve not been doing a ‘good enough’ job, that I’m bossy or too loud or too quiet! I’ve worked long hours that I’ll never get back, been guilt-tripped and gaslit over my physical and mental health in the workplace. Hell, I’ve even been told off for laughing at work!

Back in 2014, when I was introduced to coaching, I found out just how much of a positive force for change it can be. All the crap I’ve dealt with in my working life, other women recognised and I figured out that yes, I could help them through coaching to say ‘f**k this, enough already!’, to regain their own confidence in their abilities and their own ways of leading, to re-establish their boundaries around work, to be themselves without taking any more crap from other people!

Now I work with women who feel lost at work.

Now I work with women whose perfectionism is stopping them from moving forward, too worried about always doing a ‘good job’.

Now I work with women in their 40s and 50s who are overloaded with caring responsibilities who want better balance in their lives and having the time to plan for their own futures.

Now I work with women who want to change jobs but are stuck in ‘new girl’ thoughts and fear of change ‘at their age’.

By coaching with these women, I help them:

  • Feel happier
  • Be less stressed
  • Eradicate boredom at work and get excited about challenges at work
  • Feel ‘secure’ at work in their role
  • Create a purpose (life or work)
  • Have an impact
  • Create the freedom to travel
  • Improve their own self-belief in their abilities
  • Relax
  • Feel healthier and more relaxed at work and out of work.
  • Feel like they fit in at a new job
  • Have a great roadmap at work, for their careers.
  • Create adventures, balance, belonging, creative space.

With my magnificent mission of the eradication of gender inequality in the workplace for women leaders and managers, I believe big change can happen through everyone’s individual actions and, by becoming a role model as a woman in leadership, my clients can cheer-lead and empower others to do the same.

In amongst my work on this, I asked people to give me 5 words to describe me.

The top words to describe me were: Feisty, quirky, communicative (with a winky face!), bolshy, kind, supportive, focused, curious 🙂

Do you recognise yourself in My Story or does it resonate with you? Comment below or book a call with me to chat about what’s going on in your world and what you want to change.