If you had an extra 24 hours each week, what would you do with it?

So many of us run around every day, we’re all so, so busy that, when it comes down to looking at your time management in a coaching session, the protest of “I just don’t have the time” inevitably appears. So, let’s think big for a second or two and contemplate this

“What would you do with an extra 24 hours in a week, commitment free, the time is all yours?”

Sleep is a common answer! As is just take a break for myself, no distractions. Read All the books, see All the films, Eat all the food that I just don’t have the time for in everyday life.

Imagine it, that extra 24 hrs, that extra 1,440 minutes, those extra 86,400 seconds (and yes, I used Google for those answers, adding up and subtraction are not my forte!). Feel that extra amount of time, what does it look like, what are you doing with it, what does it feel like?

Go on, I’ll wait.

Now, Imma gonna come back in like the Great Oz and swipe those extra 24 hours away from you again, gone, finito, vanish-Ed!

The extra time has gone but your goals for what you wanted to do with it are still there, maybe because they’re dream goals you’ve always had, maybe because you’ve always thought about them but not acted on them. Now, we can get down to the nitty-gritty of how you can create your dream time.

How can you make time in your life to achieve those goals, to do those things that you might have always wanted to do but never felt you had the time for? That’s where your coaching journey can begin.

You may ask yourself, well, how the hell do all These Other People do it? They always seem so calm and content but they’re achieving big, why can’t that be me?

I say, who cares about Them, honestly, who gives a shit? It’s not Them that’s living your life, it’s you and only you.

So, how can you make the most of the time you actually have?

What will happen if you say no to something?

What will happen if you spend less time on one thing so you can carve out time for your other dream/goal thing?

Guess what? The world isn’t going to end, the Big They (who we all need to find a way to stop comparing ourselves to anyway!) are not going to be standing over us individually and scolding us for changing our time management and our priorities, the Big They don’t give a hoot! Only You are answerable to You. So, how do you want to change your 7 days of the week, what small steps can you take to incorporate that imagined extra time back into your life? Start thinking about it now.