I’ve just written to my mailing list that it’s okay to not be okay right now.
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So, to help us all be okay or not okay right now, this here is going to be a mega-list of stuff I’ve found helpful over the last few weeks, months, is it still 2020?!

Fun stuff:

I’m also doing my best to acknowledge those days and even moments when I just sink, I don’t want to do anything, I just don’t have the mental capacity or energy. I will say to myself, “that’s okay, today is a pyjamas and Buffy day”. It doesn’t have to mean a full day of loafing, it’s just an acceptance that I can’t be on top form at the moment, all day, every day and that’s okay.

It’s okay for me and it’s okay for you too.

Self-development and emotional intelligence stuff:

Remote working tips:

Do chat with me on Twitter or Instagram or even just send me an old-fashioned email. Hell, little Emerson’s inspired me to start sending out letters again, just as I did with penpals when I was her age, back in the day.
I’m going to keep adding to this list so do send me your suggestions too.