Alice Walker quote on gratitude

Have you thanked anyone for their support this year?⁠

Have you thanked yourself?⁠

I’ve been reflecting on 2020 for my business and for me.

Some 2020 reflective thank yous:⁠
Thank you to all my incredible coaching clients. Women who ⁠
have dug deep and had some big powerful shifts in their work, lives, team leadership, businesses.⁠

That’s the power of coaching.⁠

Thank you to all my amazing Gen X Voices podcast guests – your journeys have resonated with a lot of women, all over the world so thank you for your honesty and sharing.⁠

Thank you to all my wonderful cheerleaders this year, as I left two jobs (one I’d had for 8 years, one I’d had for 2 years) to develop my coaching and training business into a business where I live my values. My women champions have talked things through with me, laughed with and at me, swum with me, walked with me, promoted me, been my constellational cushion of support.⁠

Thank you to all of you amazing, incredible women I’ve connected with this year, in your 30s, 40s and 50s who have gone through some massive highs and lows this year. You are here right now, reading this. Bloody well done!⁠

Thank you to my old man, Andy, who’s not on any social media but has supported me all these years and, this year, has supported me while he’s been an incredible key-worker who I’m stupidly proud of.⁠

One more thank you, to myself. And this is often hard to do, to say thank you to myself.⁠
I’m doing it, I’m using my coaching qualifications (including a qualification I got this year, during a pandemic!), all my communication skills experience, I’m changing other women’s lives. I’m here right now, writing this. Bloody well done!⁠

I’m spending some time today reflecting on my top 3 achievements in 2020, my 3 biggest challenges and how I’ve grown this year.

Then, after a much needed staycation over xmas, I’ll be back feeling energized in 2021! Planning out my first 3 months of 2021 and what steps I can take to grow my coaching and training business me in 2021. I’m excited!

Are you saying thank you to your support network this year and showing gratitude to yourself? What are your plans for 2021? Connect with me in the new year on my social media (all the links at the bottom of this page) and let’s all look at more kindness, connection and honesty in the New Year.