Now that I’m fully developing my business, helping women achieve positive change and bring joy and impact to their lives, I’m starting to see that it’s okay to go with my flow.

What do I mean by flow? That peak time of working, when it just doesn’t feel like working, you’re in the zone. Flow is something that creatives come across a lot but when you’re developing a business, it can feel, well, not so “businessy”. Our world is still so stuck on 9 to 5, 5 days a week, that it can take a while to feel that sticking to your own balance, flow and time can feel just as professional as though you’re still stuck behind that desk, listening to your work colleagues argue over whose tea round it is.

I work best and feel “in the zone” in the afternoons and evenings. I’ve always been that way but school and jobs have pushed me into the ‘up early, get things done’ view. Now that I’m mostly home-based and actively networking, and chatting, a lot, about my business, two issues have cropped up:

  1. My husband is a Lark, I sure as hell ain’t! This is easy to deal with when I’m working for someone else as I force myself to adhere to my job’s schedule. Now it’s all down to me again, it’s not so easy to get in the flow at home. The solution to this is purely acceptance on both parts (ain’t that marriage in a nutshell?!) that he’ll be up with the dawn and I’ll be busy later on in the day. We’ll see how that goes.
  2. Oh my days, why oh why are networking events, aimed at sole professionals, sooooo early in the morning?! Yes, we want to get on with our day but there’s no boss standing over us expecting us at our desk at 9am so why so many breakfast events? Whyyyyy?! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be going to all of them, but, just as I now prefer a good afternoon gig, I also now prefer, and fits more in to my newer working patter, a good afternoon networking event. I can’t solve this one by myself so I implore event organisers to start thinking of more flexible times for events, especially if they could involve cake 😉

I’m pretty sure these two issues won’t be the only ones that come up for me over the next few months but, while I’m “in my zone” and hell yeah, flowing, I figured I’d blog about it today.