Introducing ‘Comms with a Conscience’

Did you spot it?  Look up the page…see that header?  My logo is no longer all about copywriting.

Why the change?

While focusing on copywriting, I’m meeting more and more people who want marketing and communications strategy advice; a way of looking at all of their means of communicating with their customers or supporters.  These are mostly small businesses and community organisations with a range of problems:

  • they’ve had a website built by someone else but now that they’re in control of their website, they don’t know how to make the best of the site;
  • they’re just starting to expand their business and need advice on how to create a marketing plan and what their focus should be;
  • they’re struggling to keep themselves ‘branded’ – they need a ‘house style’ for all of their communications and ways to keep focused on their brand;
  • they started with leafleting and ‘word of mouth’ but now want to move into the big internet universe and are overwhelmed by the sheer choice of websites/social media/blogging etc. etc. etc.

With years of experience in creating marketing strategies, branding and house styles, I want to offer this knowledge to my clients.  I also develop accessibility strategies, so you can make sure all of your communications are accessible by a wide range of people.  So, over the next few weeks, ‘Copy with a Conscience’ will be transforming into ‘Comms with a Conscience’, still offering the same great customer service with an ethical focus but widening my offer to you.

Keeping true to my heart

At the heart of my reasons for freelancing is a need to help businesses and organisations communicate better and more effectively so ‘Comms with a Conscience’ will help me keep true to my business aims while helping you.  I don’t know everything and will always refer you to other people if I can’t help you, for example, I don’t know how to build a great Facebook business page but Kate Bacon does.  What I do know, I really enjoy sharing so expanding my business offer is the logical next step for me.  It’s a natural progression for me: how can I write content for a website if the organisation isn’t sure where to start with their website or who their audience is; but I’m sure my mother would also say it’s a deep rooted need to help people!

How can I help you?

My Services page will be changed soon to reflect the new services I can offer you.  For now, if you need communications strategy help, contact me and we’ll discuss your strategy needs.  You might just be after some comms advice for your business or need to really brainstorm your marketing objectives – let’s talk more!