Fed up with your job?

 This 3 month, fortnightly programme will help you find joy in your current job OR help you move towards a more value-driven, joyous career journey.

Desperately Seeking Change?

  • Stuck in a boring job?
  • Hate your job but you just don’t know what you want to do instead?
  • Ready to start figuring out your career vision?

The Career Vision programme is for you. This 3-month programme will give you time and breathing space, with fortnightly coaching sessions, fun activities and positive movement that you can continue after the programme.

To take the guesswork out of coaching, below are some details on each session’s focus as the programme takes you step by step through creating sustainable change in your life.

If you’re interested in creating change in your career, pick a date and time from my calendar here for your free, no-obligation, 30 minute discovery call.


The Career Vision Coaching Programme

Session One – Your Current Situation

We’ll look at what’s brought you to this point in your career, taking stock of what’s worked for you so far and what might be holding you back.

Session Two – Values that Count

What’s most important to you in your work life? We’ll explore your core career values and look at how they can help you find your way.

Session Three – Creating your Vision

We’ll work together to create your future career vision and how you can take steps to get there.

Session Four – Identifying your Strengths

We often don’t see or value our greatest strengths – we’ll look at identifying your strengths with the help of your support network.

Session Five – Action Planning

Structuring your steps to get to your career vision – weekly, monthly, annual planning.

Session Six – Moving Forward

How far have you come in these three months? What can you do to continue this forward, positive motion from now on?