Hi, I’m Suse and I help women like you

I’m an accredited team leadership and qualified life coach, working primarily with Gen X women (women in their 40s and 50s), individually and with employee leadership programmes.Photo of Susan B. Bentley

Why Gen X? I particularly work with Gen X women as I understand what they’re going through at what is a transitional time of life, when they put everyone else first before themselves. As a smaller demographic, Gen X women are also rarely heard from despite being the generation that saw the start of the digital age and who are now facing age discrimination, an overload of caring responsibilities and gender pay gaps in leadership roles. I also talk with Gen X women about their life journeys on my podcast, Gen X Voices.

I help women make decisions, create sustainable change and rediscover their power in their team leadership, businesses and personal lives. With more than twenty years of management/coordinator experience in the UK public sector and creative industries, my big vision is to see gender equality and pay parity, with my own voice and the voices of the women I work with adding to sustained change and social justice.

With that vision in mind, I also work with women of all ages with the Scaredycat Skills programme – helping women, young and old, feel confident in their voice, professional skills and values and learning to coach other women.

My business experience is wide ranging and I am the classic portfolio careerist (or hyphenate as we’re now called!). I’ve worked in publishing, film, the NHS, local government, schools, widening participation programmes – all with the theme of talking to people, talking to everyone! I’m partly an introvert and partly a very, very chatty person!

I’m a qualified Personal and Life Coach (Leeds Centre for Psychological Development), an EMCC Accredited Team Coach at Foundation Level and a Full Member of the Association for Coaching.

My values

I’ve come to understood that I’m happiest working when I can see my values being reflected back to me in the work I’m doing. 

When you’re unhappy at work, a misalignment of values is often at the heart of the problem.

Do my values resonate with you?

Being heard/listening to others
Empowering others


One to one coaching

Feeling stuck or want to create a vision for the rest of your life? I offer short and longer term coaching programmes for fed-up, stuck Gen X women wanting to make sustainable change. After all, we’re only halfway through those thousand lives so let’s make the most of them!

Scaredycat Skills

My Scaredycat communications workshops and training help lower the inequality I see everyday by allowing women to develop their communication skills, confidence and self-belief in supportive surroundings. These are really fun workshops that can include voice coaching and body language as well as discussions on manterrupting and manspreading!