About Suse

Leadership and Life Coach for Women Leaders

Helping you regain your confidence and clarity in your work and career vision.

My Story

Hi, I’m Suse.

I’m a leadership and life coach, helping high achieving women leaders in tech get clear on what they really want from their careers so they can have an impact in their jobs, regain their confidence and be hella less stressed!

With my Big Vision of the eradication of gender inequality in the workplace, I believe big change can happen through everyone’s individual actions and, by becoming a role model as a woman in leadership, my clients can cheer-lead and empower others to do the same. By regaining their confidence in their own leadership power, they can also make systemic changes within their organisation.

I’m an accredited team leadership and qualified life coach, working primarily with women leaders of all ages (from team leader up to VP level), individually and with employee leadership programmes.

I help you make decisions, create sustainable change and regain your confidence. 

I help you be less stressed, figure out your career journey and regain your purpose.

I’m a film geek, fangirl, big gig lover and always happy to share some cake and a chat.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of how discrimination led to me being a coach for women leaders, read My Story.

*When I refer to ‘women’, I’m including all of you folks who self-identify as women. I also work with allies and those who want to see change in all forms of inequality in the workplace.

My Values & Beliefs

I’m happiest working when I can see my values being reflected back to me in the work I’m doing.

When you’re unhappy at work, a misalignment of values is often at the heart of the problem.

Do my values resonate with you?











My Approach

My coaching is based on my training and experience*. I take a values based approach with clients and work from a place of intuition and curiosity. This means that I’ll be deeply listening to you and picking up on what you’re not saying as much as what you are saying! I’m your thinking partner and your honest challenger so I will be calling you out on your bullshit!

Most of all, my approach is based on knowing that YOU have the strength and confidence within yourself, I just help you see yourself again.

Click play on the video from Kevan Smith to find out more about me, what coaching with me is like and who I help (yep, there’s some swearing in there!).

*I’m a qualified Personal and Life Coach (Leeds Centre for Psychological Development), an EMCC Accredited Team Coach at Foundation Level and a Full Member of the Association for Coaching.

Public Speaking and Podcast Guesting

Looking for a confident conference speaker or podcast guest? Want a great guest to chat about values, women in leadership, gender equity?

Here’s my Speaker Info Sheet so you can see if I’d be a great fit for your conference, Live or podcast. Contact me today to talk about your speaker or podcast guest needs.

Susan B Bentley speaker info sheet

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