Hi, I’m Suse and I help women like you

We all live a thousand lives and here are some of mine.

I’m a writer of short stories and poetry, I’m a geek girl heavily into film, I’m a Riotgrrrl still in my heart, I’m a runner (slowly), I’m a lover of live music, I’m a late starter to acting with the Brighton People’s Theatre.

My business experience is wide ranging and I am the classic portfolio careerist (or hyphenate as we’re now called!). I’ve worked in publishing, film, the NHS, local government, schools, widening participation programmes – all with the theme of talking to people, talking to everyone! I’m partly an introvert and partly a very, very chatty person!

Now that I’m well into my 40s, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the lack of representation of women my age in business – where are all the female leaders? Where are all the female speakers? Where are all the women like me who have the confidence to talk to anyone (about anything!)?

I’m a qualified Personal and Life Coach (Leeds Centre for Psychological Development), an EMCC Accredited Team Coach at Foundation Level and a Full Member of the Association for Coaching.


One to one coaching

Feeling stuck or want to create a vision for the rest of your life? I offer short and longer term coaching programmes for fed-up, stuck Gen X women wanting to make sustainable change. After all, we’re only halfway through those thousand lives so let’s make the most of them!

Scaredycat Communications Workshops

My Scaredycat communications workshops help lower the inequality I see everyday by allowing women to develop their communication skills, confidence and self-belief in supportive surroundings. These are really fun workshops that can include voice coaching and body language as well as discussions on manterrupting and manspreading!