Hi y’all! I’m sort of back to blogging, kinda, we’ll see. Fair warning, this post was written under the influence of crumpets and cake.

I’m not known for my regular blogging, mainly as it’s not always a priority for me, there are so many other shiny things out there in life for me to attend to and listen to and watch and be amongst!

For instance, I’ve spent the last year going on a massive journey of self, looking deeply at myself, my emotional intelligence and how I can best help others. I’m now out of the other side of that journey and can offer personal and life coaching sessions to those of you who are just a bit stuck or need help focusing on your goals (or even creating those goals in the first place!). I’ve got the certificate to prove it and I’m now a qualified Personal and Life Coach Practitioner, yay!

I’ve also been developing my Scaredycat communications skills workshops. I have to say, I love these workshops, the atmosphere in the room is magical, everyone walks in a bit nervous and walks out taller, smiling and often ready to do battle with that job interview, presentation, mansplainer in meetings. These workshops aren’t corporate and stodgy – I’ve seen far too many skills workshops and sat through far too many Youtube videos, where everyone gets told “do this, this and this and you too will be an engaging speaker!”. It doesn’t take a certain hand gesture that’s unnatural to you (a la Evita) and it doesn’t take you having to change your whole personality to win people over.

Nope, what engages your audience is YOU, shiny YOU, effervescent YOU, magical YOU! An audience, whether it’s an interview panel, a meeting room or a big conference audience, all of these people ARE JUST PEOPLE! And what do people want to do most of all? Connect with others. How you communicate with them is your connection to them. You connect with others most effectively by having confidence in YOURSELF, YOUR STORY, HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM.

So, what’s stopping you? When it comes down to it, it’s usually confidence. And lo, here are my Scaredycat workshops and individual coaching sessions to help you! Take that first step and reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I’m starting this new journey and I want you to come along to (there’ll be plenty of cake).