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“If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be”

– Maya Angelou

Allow yourself the breathing space and thinking time to really get into what you want from your life and what you want your future to look like. Coaching conversations with me are confidential, ethical, honest, joyful and yes, often challenging. It takes work to see a change in your life and then to follow through to reach that vision, no matter how big or small the change is.

Life is short, how can you live it to the best of your abilities and your self?

Are you ready for change?

Do any of these statements ring true for you?

You want to enjoy your job

You want to have more time to do the things you enjoy

You want to show everyone the real you, the confident you!

You want to truly Lead Your way

You want to find out who you really are (not just Mum/Daughter/Carer/Partner/Friend)

Are you frustrated at your lack of progress towards a specific goal you have for your life?

Are you feeling stuck? In your current job, your personal circumstances?

Are you fed up with your team and not seeing the results you want?

How It Works


Coaching should stretch you, challenge you, be convenient for you!

This is why I offer one-off sessions for ‘just in time’ coaching as well as my 90 day coaching journeys.

Read more below and book a free consult with me today to talk about 90 days of coaching with me.

For immediate focus on a “I’ve got to make this decision soon” or “I need to figure out my way through this problem right now”, book a Power Hour with me.



Coaching is all about you, your agenda, your goals, your development so the motivation to change some aspect of your life needs to be there! I’ll be there as your cheerleader, your honest challenger, your thinking partner BUT the commitment to change and show up as your real, honest self is all YOU!

I work from a values-based, intuitive approach and you may end up with very different goals and actions at the end of a 6 month journey than where you started. But, that’s part of life’s journey! I work in an inclusive, intersectional way and absolutely recognise that a lot of self-development for women leaders isn’t just about changes for YOU, it’s about how to deal with the systemic inequality that you may face at work and in your life.

Coaching isn’t about fixing you, it’s about giving you the tools so you can be confident enough to help fix the world around you! Also, although I will be your biggest cheerleader, coaching with me has no time for toxic positivity – this is your space to recognise ALL the emotions, they’re all useful indicators.

In our coaching sessions together, we may work with thoughts out loud, drawings, metaphors, writing, movement including walk and talk sessions. As your thinking partner, I will help you keep an overview of your coaching journey and you will set the agenda for each session – it’s up to you!



Some of the areas we might work on together are:


Finding your purpose

Your career journey

Support networks

Confidence and habits

Leadership styles

Systemic issues and your work boundaries

Communication skills

Time management



Power Hour Coaching

A focused session to concentrate on one problem, issue or decision in your work, career or life!

Your Power Hour includes:

  • Deep-dive prep questionnaire to get you started reflecting on what you want to focus on in your Power Hour.
  • Your full 60 minutes of coaching including grounding and reflection, challenge, honesty, empathy and practical steps.
  • Your Power Hour pack to take away with you, including your new Three Month Vivid Action Plan.
  • Your Key Highlights sheet.
  • A month of accountability post-Power Hour with Voxer Office Hours with me.

Your Power Hour is £295, payable when you book.

If you want to really focus your Power Hour session on your career journey and your next career steps, then book the Career Clarity Power Hour, also available at £295 currently.

    I had a fantastic session with Susan.

    She provided invaluable guidance as I sorted through my thoughts and developed actionable plans, helped me confront and overcome my fears, giving me the confidence I really need to pursue my goals.
    I did leave the session feeling empowered and ready to take on any challenge.

    Cynthia Bachor

    Product Manager, Digital and Tech sector, Power Hour coaching client

    Examples of Career Clarity Power Hour worksheets

    90 Day Coaching Journey

    Where do you want to be in 90 days? 🤔

    We all know that making meaningful shifts in our careers or lives isn’t a walk in the park. It takes determination, courage, and a sprinkle of that inner magic that sets us apart. As we navigate the twists and turns of our journeys, particularly in our 40s and 50s, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, unsure of our next steps, and even question whether we have what it takes anymore! Sound familiar?

    But here’s the thing, my extraordinary folks: you are more capable, resilient, and powerful than you can imagine. And that’s where my 90 Days of Coaching comes in, designed specially for women like you who are ready to embrace change, unlock their potential, and create a life that truly is fantastic YOU!🔥

    Together, we’ll embark on a transformational journey, where we’ll dive deep into your dreams, goals, and aspirations. We’ll peel back the layers of self-doubt, fears, and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. Consider me your personal cheerleader, your honest challenger and your accountability partner, all rolled into one! 🌟💫

    We’ll tackle those career issues head-on, map out strategies to overcome obstacles, and tap into the wellspring of confidence and clarity that I flippin’ well know lives in you. Together, we’ll set the stage for remarkable breakthroughs, big and small! 🗺️💼

    Whether you’re longing to pivot into a new career, level up in your current role, or seek a better work-life balance, this coaching journey is designed to empower you every step of the way. In 90 days, we’ll explore your values, define your vision, and create actionable steps that you can take forward beyond your coaching with me.💪✨

    But this isn’t just about career success – it’s about crafting a life that truly lights you up and gets you enjoying the next stage of your life, not dreading it! We’ll dive into the various aspects of your life, ensuring that your newfound clarity and confidence extend far beyond the office walls. After all, you deserve fulfillment, joy, and balance in every corner of your existence!❤️

    So, if you want to action some real positive changes in your leadership, career or life, let’s connect! Book a free call with me and let’s rocket into this life-changing adventure together! 🚀🌟

    Your 3 month coaching journey includes:

    • Deep-dive pre-coaching questionnaire to get you started reflecting on where you are right now and where you want to get to.
    • Your initial 90 minute deep discovery coaching session followed by
    • Full hourly online coaching sessions with me including grounding and reflection, challenge, honesty, empathy, practical steps (4 x 60 min sessions every two weeks) and
    • Your 90 minute final reflective coaching session.
    • An array of worksheets including a Values Definition workbook, Career Discovery questions, Get Perspective Vision and your new Three Month Vision worksheet.
    • Your very own 30 Day Reflective Journal with insightful journal prompts and worksheets.
    • Office Hours support from me.

    Your investment for your 90 Day Coaching Journey is £1,750.

      Also, if you get tons out of your 90 days of coaching, you have the option to add on another 1, 2 or 3 months of coaching with me!

    I began my coaching journey, having never been the recipient of coaching before, and therefore quite uncertain of the structure or the likely outcomes.

    Immediately Suse helped me feel secure and comfortable, creating a safe space where I was able to be extremely open and candid. Suse encouraged me to look closely at some of my ingrained behaviours and thought patterns, and challenge the basis of why I felt like an imposter, like I was just lucky, that my success hadn’t been earned.

    By embracing Suse’s techniques and my new realisations, I have become secure and confident in myself and my abilities. I have delivered training sessions, and presentations that have received outstanding feedback, but more importantly I’ve felt good about delivering those materials.


    6 month coaching journey corporate client

    “I feel so positive about the changes I have made and can continue to make and really have to thank Susan for helping me to get to this point.

    She comes across as a very natural coach who is really able to pinpoint what someone might be struggling with and can also offer some very insightful comments about whatever that might be while guiding you to work out how you might deal with it.

    She is supportive, non-judgmental and very easy to talk to.”

    Public Sector Coaching Client

    “Suse is leading the way forward with her style of coaching! Perfect for people working from home, entrepreneurs.

    Suse’s coaching style has a can-do approach.

    If you’re looking for motivation and a helping hand in the right direction, Susan is your coach.”

    Lorna - Voxer for a Day Coaching Client

    My Approach

    I take a values based approach with clients and work from a place of intuition and curiosity. This means that I’ll be deeply listening to you and picking up on what you’re not saying as much as what you are saying! My clients tell me I help them figure their shit out!

    Most of all, my approach involves knowing that YOU have the strength and confidence within yourself, I just help you see yourself again.

    *I’m a qualified Personal and Life Coach (Leeds Centre for Psychological Development), an EMCC Accredited Team Coach at Foundation Level and a Full Member of the Association for Coaching.

    More info


    Photo of Susan B. Bentley, the Gen X Women's Coach

    How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

    Here’s some answers to common questions I hear about coaching

    What is coaching?

    Anthony Grant, a leading coaching psychologist said it better than me:

    “A collaborative, solution focused, result-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee.”

    People decide to hire a coach for different reasons: personal development, business development, career growth, leadership and communication skills etc.

    What these reasons have in common is that coaching is a way to bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. It’s about the coaching assisting you on your journey by enabling you to set goals and priorities, keep you focused and help you figure out how to be your future self.

    Is it like counselling or therapy?

    No. Unless they have a separate counselling or therapy qualification, coaches are not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health-related problems, although if the situation arises they may suggest you see a GP, counsellor or therapist.

    Whereas counsellors and therapists may focus on your history and how you got to where you are now, coaching concentrates on where you are now and focuses on looking to where you want to be in the future.

    Coaching isn't for everyone

    If you want to focus specifically on any mental health issues, a coach won’t be qualified to help you. There is now so much help available for any mental health issues, including the fabulous Blurt Foundation, Time to Change and just talking to your GP or Doctor.

    If you’re in crisis, speak to your GP or Doctor, call the Samaritans – they are there to talk 24/7, or just speak to someone.

    If you just want advice or answers given to you – coaches aren’t your teachers or your Mum. Coaching is about facilitating the answers from within you through powerful coaching conversations. A good coach will challenge you but will not tell you what to do.

    If you’re not ready to make any changes to your life.  That’s okay, change is really scary and this might not be the time for you to make any changes.

    If it's not counselling, why don't I just talk to a friend instead?

    Friends are great to have but they’re not always the answer.

    Coaching is not about telling you all the answers or just agreeing with you. See coaching more as a conversation that invites you to explore your goals for yourself. A coach is non-judgemental, does not offer unsolicited advice and uses open-ended questions to enable you, the coachee, to set the agenda and determine your goals and priorities.

    What are some of the benefits to coaching?

    You may gain several benefits from coaching, varying from having a specific time and confidential space for reflection, helping you clarify your goals, raise self-awareness and help you set direction. Read about some of the benefits and outcomes from my clients here.

    What do I have to do?

    Above all, be motivated to engage in coaching and be willing to embrace change. The gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future may be very small or may be quite large – it’s the coach’s responsibility to support you but you will be setting the agenda and determining your goals.

    How long does coaching last? Is it something I have to do forever?

    You don’t have to be coached forever!

    Coaching is most effective when it’s time limited.

    I offer different programme commitments with my one-off ‘just in time’ Power Hour session to my 90 day coaching journey of fortnightly sessions. Even if you choose to ‘add on’ 1, 2 or 3 months of coaching at the end of your 90 day coaching journey, an additional 3 months is the limit for coaching with me.

    The choice is yours. When you book coaching with me, you’ll also receive my 30 Day Reflective Journal for you to download and use to help you beyond coaching.

      I have an accessibility need, can you provide this?

      I am to be as inclusive as possible in my coaching. I can provide session recordings, transcripts as well as closed captions if we meet on Zoom. Coaching can also be undertaken by phone.

      Do contact me with any other specific accessibility requests.

      What happens in a coaching session?

      What we will focus on in each session is entirely led by you.

      Typically, a session includes where you’re at in that moment, what you want to focus on in the session, how you want to focus and we will then look at that focus point in detail (through a series of “powerful questions” to you).

      You won’t feel rushed to find a solution by the end of each session (or even by the end of the group of sessions) but you will hopefully feel enabled to move forward with your goals.

      Clients often talk about a ‘lightbulb moment’ when they realise through coaching exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals but this isn’t an expectation of every session!

      Coaching is led by the client so I offer creative and practical coaching tools as well as us talking.

      What's your guarantee?

      There are no guarantees with coaching as the answers come from you.

      I can confirm I’m an EMCC Accredited Team Coach at Foundation Level and a qualified Personal and Life Coach through the Leeds Centre for Psychological Development. These qualifications total nearly 3 years of training and learning with peers and training clients, both in-person and online. As part of my EMCC accreditation and my AC membership, I also commit to regular professional development and supervision. I also have completed over 100 hours of coaching.

      I’m a Full Member of the Association for Coaching and I work within the Global Code of Ethics as signed by the AC and the EMCC.