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Suse B. Bentley Coach - Trainer - Chatty Cake Eater
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Hi, I’m Suse and I’m here to help you figure your life out!

We all live a thousand lives so what’s stopping you living more of yours?

Stuck in your career?

Hit mid-life and not sure who you are anymore?

Fed up of being talked over in meetings or being passed over for conference speaker slots?

If so, maybe I can help.

Click on Coaching or Scaredycat workshops to find out how I can help you take the next step in your life.


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Susan is supportive, non-judgemental and very easy to talk to.

Coaching Client

A fantastic opportunity to get together with like-minds to explore and confess our views about nerves, body language and speaking ambitions

Scaredycat Workshop Attendee

Susan is extremely easy to engage with; she listens closely and is very supportive yet with the right amount of personal challenge.

Coaching Client