Susan B. Bentley

Coach | Trainer | Gender Equity Champion

Helping women leaders regain their work boundaries, confidence and feel marvellous again!

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Let’s face it, no one gives you a rule book on how to lead!


You’re fed up in your job.

You’re fed up with your team.

You’re fed up with your boss!

Micromanagement, sexism, ‘difficult’ staff, feeling lost about where you thought you might be at your age and where you actually are, wanting to change jobs but not ‘abandon’ your team, not enough time to have a life! With only 10% of leaders in UK tech being women, your job can feel like an absolute grind at times!

Added to all these external forces, if you’re a high achiever, I bet you’re putting high expectations on yourself most of all and offering little reward to yourself for ‘a job well done’.

Working with me can be a way out of those feelings of guilt, dread, frustration and often anger so you can feel less stressed, more in control, happier and more confident about your job and your career vision.

How we can work together

I’m your thinking partner and honest challenger for coaching on topics such as your career journey, leadership skills, confidence.

Enhance employee engagement and retention with 1 to 1 coaching or group coaching for your women leaders. Build your team’s confidence with group self-development training.

    Hiya, I'm Suse, your honest, kind, bolshy, no bull coach!

    As a 'recovering perfectionist' and qualified coach, I'm committed to helping you figure out how to stop beating yourself up for not doing 'all the things' at work or just not having your s**t together! I'm known for my empathetic, supportive and empowering approach - helping you navigate career transitions, enhance your leadership skills and thrive professionally and personally.

    When I'm not coaching, you can find me hiking, writing poetry and rocking out to live music, Let's connect and start your journey toward a more fulfilling life today!

    What clients say about working with me

    Inspirational to feel so well understood and then that’s translated into action that I could feel fired up about and knew was going to be a success.

    Coaching Client

    We’ve all got our stories and to finally think I’m worthy and valid, as part of the team, as a result of my coaching is amazing. You never stop learning about yourself.

    Coaching Client

    Susan is extremely easy to engage with; she listens closely and is very supportive yet with the right amount of personal challenge.

    Coaching Client

    My clients include

    What’s your next step?

    More info on my 1 to 1 coaching here


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