Getting EU cookie compliant without any baking

Everyone’s been talking about cookies this week.

Initially, I just heard the word “cookies” and despaired.  I’m a great baker but a complete failure at baking cookies, to the point where dogs turn their noses up at my peanut butter cookies (and they sniff their butts!).

Not baked by me

Not those cookies, you cry, stupid baking loser, the internet kind!

Discovering that I was supposed to do something about the cookies on my website by the deadline of last Friday meant a mad rush to figure out what the heck this was all about!  I wasn’t even running my own business this time last year, where was my year’s grace?

After much reading (Suzanne’s post over at was a big help as was her free cookie policy) and a bit of implementation, I’m now EU Cookie compliant – are you?

If you’re not EU cookie compliant yet or you’re a business in the EU and have no clue what I’m talking about, read on for a quick guide on how to get compliant quick! Continue reading


Thinking about video for your business? Read this first!

Having worked in corporate video, I’ve seen a lot of business videos, some great, some awful.  One of the worst?  Any with me in them!  See that picture?  I’m notoriously camera shy, preferring to be the one taking the pictures rather than being in the spotlight.  I know what I look and sound like on video and it ain’t pretty!  Think Essex, UK fishwife with a dash of laconic NoCal.  So, you won’t ever see videos of me on my website.
But, everyone‘s doing video these days, you cry.  We need to have a Youtube presence, you screech!  True, but not everyone needs to put themselves in the spotlight to help their business shine (corny line, I know, it’s been a long week!).

If you’re determined to use video to publicise your business, new service or system, here’s some advice before you go any further! Continue reading


Google thinks I’m a man – an experiment in gender and the internet

Google’s Gender Reassignment

You all saw the information about Google’s Ad Preferences last week – Facebook and Twitter were awash with people checking out what box Google had pegged them into.  For my part, I came up as 35-44 (correct) and a man (nope, definitely not).

What’s Google playing at?

Take a look at Sarah Kessler’s article on this and you’ll see a large number of commenters who are female in real life but, according to Google, male in their internet life.  Kashmir Hill, over at, explains how Google does it.

I very much doubt lowly little me would ever get an interview with the Google ad supremos or the giant market research companies, such as Neilsen, so I’m conducting an experiment instead. Continue reading