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We all live a thousand lives and here are some of mine.

I’ve been delivering straightforward communications Photo of susan b bentleyand marketing strategies for over fifteen years, in the public and private sectors.

Now that I’m well into my 40s, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the lack of representation of women my age in business – where are all the female leaders? Where are all the female speakers?

So, alongside my writing and editing services, my Scaredycat workshops endeavour to help lower the inequality I see everyday by allowing women to develop their communication skills, confidence and self-belief in supportive surroundings.

Another life is also fast approaching as I’m currently training as a Personal and Life Coach Practitioner. I’m aiming to be qualified by the end of 2017 and will then be offering coaching services to mid-life women in business who might be feeling stuck or want to create a vision for the rest of their lives – after all, we’re only halfway through those thousand lives so let’s make the most of them!

Can a Scaredycat workshop help you? Read more about them, what attendees think about them and then contact me to chat further.

If you’ve got a presentation coming up in next couple of months, I can work with you one to one to help improve your confidence, speaking style and presentation – get in touch.